VILAI VIET JSC is committed to providing quality products/ services and timely delivery of these products/services to our customers, shareholders and general public. We are also committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to our employees and those under our care. We support an environmentally responsible approach to our business.
A comprehensive Quality, Safety & Health and Environmental (QSHE) Management System has been established and implemented to ensure that we systematically plan to achieve our objectives, deal with challenges and develop our people in the realization of the Company’s goals.
With this QSHE Management System, we can manage and improve our operations to consistently provide high quality, cost effective, reliable, safe and environmental friendly products and services to our customers. The QSHE Management concept is universal, and applies to all areas of the Company’s operations.
We will continuously improve our products and the processes that deliver these products.
That requires that we:

Understand and consistently respond to the needs and expectations of our customers

Manage systematically our products/services to enhance the value to our shareholders

Develop and inculcate a self regulating mindset to all staff that will ensure the success of the company goals and QSHE Management System

Continually improve our quality, safety & health and environmental processes that facilitate the effective management and control of these areas

Minimize safety & health risks through adoption of best practices

Prevent environmental impacts and manage resources through proper and effectively implementation of our obligations.

Identify and comply to the relevant safety & health and environmental legislations and regulations

Provide appropriate training to our employees and other related parties to improve awareness and knowledge of these requirements

Each employee is expected to be aware of and implement the requirements of this policy. The employees are also required to actively promote the acceptance of this policy to our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and the other related parties.

General Director
Vilai Viet Construction JSC